Ventoy Information Format

Ventoy information is 512 bytes long and in the format as follows: (structure packed with 1 byte, integers are in little-endian)

Offset Len Type Name Description
0 16 UUID Signature UUID Signature for the information, the hex value is 20207777772e76656e746f792e6e6574
16 1 UINT8 Check Sum This value, when added to all other 511 bytes, results in the value 00h (using 8-bit addition calculations).
17 16 UUID Disk GUID GUID to uniquely identify the USB drive
33 8 UINT64 Disk Size The USB drive size in bytes
41 2 UINT16 Disk Partition ID The partition ID (begin with 1) which hold the iso file
43 2 UINT16 Partition Filesytem The partition filesystem     0:exfat 1:ntfs other:reserved
45 384 STRING ISO File Path The full iso file path under the partition, ( begin with '/' )
429 8 UINT64 ISO File Size The iso file size in bytes
437 8 UINT64 ISO location info address The phy memory address which contains iso file location information
445 4 UINT32 ISO location info length The iso file location information length
449 32 BYTES Ventoy Reserved Reserved by Ventoy
481 31 BYTES Reserved Reserved for future

You can refer to struct ventoy_os_param defined in Ventoy's source code (ventoy.h).