Memdisk Mode

  • Memdisk Mode

In normal mode, Ventoy will only read the iso file at booting time, and only read the content needed for boot. Ventoy works well in normal case, but not 100%. On some machines (especially in Legacy BIOS mode) there may be problems.
In Memdisk mode, Ventoy will load the whole ISO file into memory and boot it. This will take up some additional memory, but with higher success rate to boot.

  • Scope of Memdisk mode

Memdisk mode is very suitable for WinPE (without external programs), various Live CD, Vmware ESXi and all other small distros. The characteristics of this type of system are: the image is small (hundreds of MB), and there is no need to mount the image after startup.

  • How to use

Just press F1 before you select the iso file in ventoy's boot menu. (Press again to restore the default mode)

  • Screen Tip

Since ventoy-1.0.12, there will be a red Memdisk word at the top of the hotkey tip when you press F1.