Start to use Ventoy

  • Install Ventoy To USB Drive
    • For Windows

Download the installation package, like and decompress it.
Run Ventoy2Disk.exe , select the device and click Install or Update button.

    • For Linux

Download the installation package, like ventoy-x.x.xx-linux.tar.gz and decompress it.
Run the shell script as root sh { -i | -I | -u } /dev/XXX   XXX is the USB device, for example /dev/sdb.  OPTION  /dev/XXX
    -i   install ventoy to sdX (fail if disk already installed with ventoy)
    -I   force install ventoy to sdX (no matter installed or not)
    -u   update ventoy in sdX

Attention that the USB drive will be formatted and all the data will be lost after install.
You just need to install Ventoy once, after that all the things needed is to copy the iso files to the USB.
You can also use it as a plain USB drive to store files and this will not affact Ventoy's function.

  • Copy ISO files

After the installation is complete, the USB drive will be divided into 2 partitions. The 1st partition was formated with exFAT filesystem. You just need to copy iso files to this partition. You can place the iso files any where. Ventoy will search all the directories and subdirectories recursively to find all the iso files and list them in the boot menu alphabetically.
The full path of the iso file (directories,subdirectories and file name) could NOT contain space or non-ascii characters

  • Update Ventoy

If a new version of Ventoy is released, you can update it to the USB drive.
It should be noted that the upgrade operation is safe, all the files in the first partition will be unchanged.
Upgrade operation is in the same way with installation. Ventoy2Disk.exe and will prompt you for update if the USB drive already installed with Ventoy.