About Github CI release

  • Background

After an official release, Ventoy will enter the next version cycle. During the time until the next official version is released, some bugfix and new features may be added.
Github supports CI (Actions) feature. Simply speaking, every code modification submission will trigger a compilation, and finally package and generate a corresponding CI version.
So, if Ventoy has fixed a bug, but the new official release has not been released, then you can download the CI release from github for test.

  • CI release version number

The version number of Ventoy official release is like 1.0.50. But the CI release is in 08151700 format (CI build datetime) as follows:

  • How to download CI release

Firstly you need to have a github account and login to github.

1. Open the Ventoy github project page https://github.com/ventoy/Ventoy and click Actions tab.

2. Click the Ventoy CI

3. Chose the CI release, generally choose the latest one.

4. Download the Ventoy CI release