Secondary Boot Menu

  • 1. Background

Ventoy has provided some special boot mode for some special ISO files or special computers. For example WIMBOOT mode, GRUB2 mode, MEMDISK mode.
In old Ventoy releases, we can only use these special boot modes by hotkey. For example Ctrl+w for WIMBOOT mode, Ctrl+r for GRUB2 mode.
For convenience, Ventoy provides a secondary boot menu since 1.0.80. You can directly select these special modes in the secondary boot menu.
The hotkeys still in effect, if you press these hotkeys in advance or the file name contains special identifier, this menu will not be shown anymore.

If you don't want to display this secondary boot menu, you can use VTOY_SECONDARY_BOOT_MENU option in Global Control plugin to disable it.

Notes: Use normal mode firstly in any case, and only try other modes if you have problem with normal mode.

  • 2. Screenshot