About WIMBOOT Mode

  • Background

Compare with other boot tools (e.g. Rufus), Ventoy use different mechanism to boot an ISO file. Ventoy will emulate the ISO file as a CDROM to boot it. That's why sometime that an ISO file can boot OK with other tools to burn to USB but has problem when boot from Ventoy.
Actually, what Ventoy does is much like booting a CD with physical optical drive although physical optical drive is rarely used nowadays.
The mechanism used by Ventoy need to be supported by the firmware in the motherboard especially in UEFI mode. Normally there is no problem as long as the BIOS firmware of the motherboard meets the standard.
Alough the probability is relatively low, there do exist some buggy BIOS firmware that is not standard. In this case, Ventoy may have problems when booting an ISO file.

Ventoy add WIMBOOT mode since 1.0.44. WIMBOOT mode is an alternative for booting official Windows ISO.

1. Use WIMBOOT mode only when you run into problem with the default mode.
2. WIMBOOT can only be used to boot official Windows ISO files and some WinPE ISO files.

  • How to use

Press Ctrl + w to enter WIMBOOT mode. Press again to return default mode.
(Edit: since 1.0.80, you can also use WIMBOOT mode in the secondary boot menu.)
(Edit: since 1.0.80, you can also press w without ctrl key to enter WIMBOOT mode.)

There will be a WIMBOOT Mode tip in the bottom of the menu.

If you use a custom theme, the following hbox should be defined in the theme.txt to show the red tip.

+ hbox{ 
    left = 30%+200
    top = 95%-25
    width = 10%
    height = 25
    + label {text = "@VTOY_WIMBOOT_MODE@" color = "red" align = "left"}