About WIMBOOT Mode

  • Background

Ventoy add WIMBOOT mode since 1.0.44. WIMBOOT mode is an alternative for booting official Windows ISO.

1. Use WIMBOOT mode only when you run into problem with the default mode.
2. WIMBOOT can only be used to boot official Windows ISO file.

  • How to use

Press Ctrl + w to enter WIMBOOT mode. Press again to return default mode.

There will be a WIMBOOT Mode tip in the bottom of the menu.

If you use a custom theme, the following hbox should be defined in the theme.txt to show the red tip.

+ hbox{ 
    left = 30%+200
    top = 95%-25
    width = 10%
    height = 25
    + label {text = "@VTOY_WIMBOOT_MODE@" color = "red" align = "left"}