Wimboot Plugin

Ventoy use this plugin to boot WIM files (Legacy BIOS + UEFI).

  • How to use

Download ventoy_wimboot.img file from https://github.com/ventoy/wimiso/releases
Put the file under ventoy directory in the first partition of the USB stick, that is /ventoy/ventoy_wimboot.img and that's all.

  • Features
  1. Directly boot from disk, no additional memory needed (Legacy + UEFI)
  2. There is no need to read the whole wim file to memory for both Legacy BIOS and UEFI. So no memory will be wasted.

  3. Use Windows native bootloader (Legacy + UEFI)
  4. etfsboot.com + bootx64.efi directly extracted from Windows ISO file

  5. You can customize ventoy_wimboot.img as you need
  6. There are many configurations in bcd file in ventoy_wimboot.img. For example, digital signature, test mode ...
    You can customize them if the default template doesn't match your requirement.

  • Why not out-of-box support

This feature was not integrated by Ventoy. The main considerations are:
1. bootmgr, bcd, boot.sdi ... These files in ventoy_wimboot.img are NOT open source, they are directly extracted from Windows ISO file.
2. Easy to update ventoy_wimboot.img separately
3. Easy to customize ventoy_wimboot.img