Linux GUI (GTK/QT)

  • 1. Background

For convenience, Ventoy has provided native GUI program in Linux system since 1.0.52.
x86_64/i386/arm64/mips64 are all supported. Both GTK and QT are supported.
The UI layout and usage have no difference with Ventoy2Disk.exe in Windows.

Notes: If you run into problem, you can use to install or update Ventoy. Refer usage

  • 2. Support
Arch GTK2 GTK3 QT5 File Notes
x86_64 VentoyGUI.x86_64 For most commonly x86 64-bit OS
i386 VentoyGUI.i386 For x86 32-bit OS
arm64 VentoyGUI.aarch64 For ARM64 OS like Phytium/Kunpeng
mips64el VentoyGUI.mips64el For Loongson 3A MIPS OS
  • 3. Usage

Open the terminal and directly execute the corresponding file in the above table.
Take the most commonly used x86 64-bit OS for example, just execute ./VentoyGUI.x86_64

In some distro (e.g. Deepin/Ubuntu ...), you can also double-click the corresponding file to launch it.

Take x86 64-bit OS for example, you can only keep VentoyGUI.x86_64 and delete other 3 files for convenience.

  • 4. GTK or QT

By default, Ventoy will automatically choose to use GTK version or QT version according to the current system configuration.
The selection rules are as follows in order of priority:
1. Depend on the special configuration in tool/distro_gui_type.json
2. Use QT version if the system only contains QT libraries and does not contain GTK libraries.
3. Use GTK version if the system only contains GTK libraries and does not contain QT libraries.
4. Use GTK version if the system contains both GTK libraries and QT libraries.

For the last case, if you want to use QT version, you can use --qt5 parameter, that is ./VentoyGUI.x86_64 --qt5 (Only supported since 1.0.53).

  • 5. Screenshot