Ventoy Auto Memdisk Plugin

For Memdisk mode, please refer MEMDISK
Normally you need to press F1 to use Memdisk Mode.
With this plugin, you can set memdisk mode for some ISO files and Ventoy will always use Memdisk mode to boot them.

  • Json Configuration

A auto_memdisk array is defined to describe the auto installation configuration in /ventoy/ventoy.json.

    "auto_memdisk": [

Key Type Description
STRING The full path of the iso file. Only ISO files are supported.
  • Dual Mode

Supported. You can set different configurations for Legacy BIOS mode and UEFI mode. Please refer Dual Mode Option for details.

  • Notes

Memdisk mode is only for the ISO files which load everything into memory when boot and which do not need to mount the ISO after startup.