Ventoy Auto Memdisk Plugin

For Memdisk mode, please refer MEMDISK
Normally you need to press Ctrl+d to use Memdisk Mode.
With this plugin, you can set memdisk mode for some ISO/IMG files and Ventoy will always use Memdisk mode to boot them.

  • Json Configuration

Recommend to use VentoyPlugson, a GUI ventoy.json configurator. Refer VentoyPlugson
A auto_memdisk array is defined to describe the auto installation configuration in /ventoy/ventoy.json.

    "auto_memdisk": [

Key Type Description
STRING The full path of the iso file. Only ISO and some IMG files are supported. This option supports fuzzy matching, please refer About Path Matching
  • Multi-Mode

Supported. You can set different configurations for different BIOS mode. Please refer Multi-Mode Option for details.

  • Notes

Memdisk mode is only for the ISO files which load everything into memory when boot and which do not need to mount the ISO after startup.